The Loss of my Dog and the Future of my Blog


On July 21st, my family and I suffered the devastating loss of our beloved Kona. It’s been an extremely hard time in my household and we have some very upset humans and furbabies. Kona was going to be 9 years old on September 25th and from what my husband and I have researched, that is such a great age to reach in the life of a Boxer. Kona was the best dog! He was my first dog. When I moved in with my husband, I also moved in with Kona and his Boxer sister, Katana. Kona was just such a bear and was the best most well-behaved dog. He never barked, always took care of his brothers and sisters, and loved Kaia. He didn’t mind when she would plop down on him and he always accepted her kisses. He just had a presence that made you love him so much! He made you feel better just being in the same place as him. He will forever be missed! Continue reading