Extra Large Picnic Blanket



There’s nothing more that I love than sitting outside on a nice day with Kai! We can hang out in our yard for hours either just sitting there, eating, or playing. Something that is not so nice? Sitting on the grass. Especially the day after it has rained. Wet pants is just not fun for me. That’s why I was so excited to get to be able to review this picnic blanket! Continue reading


Savvy Baby Bib Bandanas + Pacifier Clip


When I had Kaia, I learned that I basically knew next to nothing about baby fashion! I was so used to just basic baby clothes and accessories that finding out there was this whole other spectrum of fashionable clothes and accessories was a little overwhelming, to say the least! The only thing was, while I’m not broke, I certainly didn’t have the money to spring for all the fancy pants trendy accessories. Not saying that every baby needs the hippest clothes or accessories, but it’s nice sometimes to keep up with some of my Mommy friends who live for baby fashion! I’m so happy I was able to review these bib bandanas from Savvy Baby because they are absolutely adorable and the patterns are up to date with the latest trends. Continue reading

Organic Bamboo Crib Sheet


I was so excited to receive this Organic Bamboo Crib sheet to review because I love reviewing products for my daughter! I’m constantly searching to find the best items for my little one in hopes that I end up with the safest, most effective, greatest quality products on the market. This crib sheet is definitely on my list of great items that you should definitely consider! The fact that it is made from sustainable bamboo and is hypoallergenic is so awesome and could be reason enough, but there is definitely much more to this sheet. Continue reading

1 inch Wood Blocks

woodblocks1I absolutely LOVE DIY projects but sometimes, the items needed can get to be a little on the expensive side. I definitely prefer getting items in bulk so that I have enough for my project and maybe even enough for future projects. That’s why I’m loving these unfinished wood blocks from DIY Crew! There are 48 unfinished 1 inch wooden blocks in the package. Continue reading

Connecticut Cupcakes Silicone Cupcake/Muffin Liners


Alright, so if you’re familiar with my blog, you already know my obsession with silicone kitchen items! I’ve been wanting to try out silicone cupcake/muffin liners for quite some time now but I was always late to apply for promotions. I was SO SO SO excited to be chosen to try out the silicone liners from Connecticut Cupcakes because as a Connecticut native living 2300 miles from home, these bring a little piece of back home to me here.  Continue reading