DIY Crochet/Knitting Stitch Markers


So, I’ve recently been teaching myself how to crochet with the help of Pinterest and YouTube videos. I’m by no means an expert crocheter, but I think I’m doing pretty well. Crocheting is starting to get easier for me and I attribute a lot of my success to using stitch markers. I’ve looked around at different stores for them but wasn’t really digging the price tag. Especially because I have a tendency to lose small items frequently. I didn’t want to waste my money knowing that, so I figured, why not find a way to make my own!

I Googled and Pinterested (my new word) and found some fun ideas and ways to make easy and practical stitch markers for a pretty decent price. I am definitely a frugal person and if I can find a way to make something myself, I will!

For these stitch markers, all I needed to buy was the coated wire. I found a 5 pack on Amazon for pretty cheap and with how much came in the pack, I’ll be able to make a TON of stitch markers in the event that I lose some (which is inevitable). Below you will find the list of items you’ll need to make your own, and also my video tutorial showing you how I made them! I hope you found this helpful, and if you end up making some of your own, track me down on any of my social media platforms (you can find my links on the sidebar or at the bottom of my blog) and tag me so I can see how they turned out!


Items you’ll need:

Coated Wire

Needle-nose pliers

Wire cutters (I bought mine at the Dollar Tree)

Crochet Hook (Optional)



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