Little Green Lice Guard Shampoo Giveaway


If you have been following my blog, or follow me on my social media accounts, then you already know that I am a complete fan-girl of the Little Green company! I was introduced to the brand when I was asked to review their Little Green Baby Essentials Set (which you can purchase here–it makes the PERFECT baby shower gift). Since then, I have used nothing but Little Green products on Kaia because they are safe, gentle, and pure and I feel 100% comfortable using them on her because they are free of any harsh chemicals!

Now, I am back to review… and offer a giveaway for their Lice Guard Shampoo! What better time for this giveaway than Back to School!? When I was younger, I had the horrifying experience of contracting lice at school. I felt absolutely disgusting, even though I bathed and showered regularly, and it still creeps me out to this day just thinking about my experience. I seriously wish that I had this shampoo, and their entire Lice Guard System so that I could have avoided those traumatizing creepy crawlies! Also, I’ve just heard about “super lice”, which are lice that are resistant to drugs, and it has been reported in 25 states already! That is TERRIFYING! That’s why this product is perfect! It will help prevent contracting lice!


As with the Little Green Essentials Set, this shampoo bottle is beautifully designed! Something that I love is that the design of the bottle is so simple, yet perfect for their brand! The label is very nurturing and brings a sense of calm and gentleness which I find very fitting! The pump top makes it easy to get your desired amount of shampoo every time! You do not need to use much of the product to get a great lather so it will last you a good while.

The key ingredients are natural Tee Tree, Neem, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, and Eucalyptus oils. The combination of these oils help to repel lice. I wasn’t sure if I would like the smell of the shampoo given the variety of different possible scents, but the most noticeable smell for me is the lavender. When I unscrewed the top of the bottle, the smell was very overwhelming, but when you pump the shampoo into your hand, it is nowhere near as overwhelming and left my daughter’s hair smelling really good! I absolutely love that you’re left with a good scent even though you’re basically using a preventative shampoo. That’s mostly due to the fact that there are no harsh chemicals in the shampoo!

I am such a HUGE fan of Little Green and I stand by my statement that I will forever be a Little Green Mom and that Kaia will forever be a Little Green Baby (Even when she’s 18! haha)! Seriously though, I am hooked on their products and they have a customer for life! Now, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! Please read the complete list of contest rules, and then click on the Rafflecopter link to officially enter!

*Contest Information*

This contest is open to Continental U.S. Residents only.

This giveaway will end at 12:00 A.M. on September 24, 2015 and I will notify the winner via email within two days of the contest ending. If you enter via Facebook, the email will be sent to the email associated with your Facebook account.

I will also post the winning entry on my Facebook Page: Keeping Up With Krissie, so go and “like” my page to stay updated. This is not mandatory but it will keep you informed of all current and future giveaways and winners!

I WILL be checking the winning entry to ensure that the criteria has been met. If the criteria hasn’t been met on the winning entry, I will disqualify and pick a new winner.

Once a winner has been chosen, I will send the information to Little Green and they will directly send out the prize.


I received this product free from the company in exchange for my genuine and honest review. In addition, the company has generously decided to collaborate on this giveaway!


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