Multicolored Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


I’m always a fan of trying baby products that offer alternative ways to help discomfort rather than using medicine. I’m not in any way saying anything bad about parents that choose medication, but for me, I try to hold off until absolutely necessary. I had never known about Baltic Amber teething necklaces until I had Kai, but I’ve done quite a bit of research on them since having her and I’m definitely a fan!

Kaia is actually at the end of the teething process and I believe we’re only waiting for 2 maybe 3 teeth to finish coming in. Some teeth she took like a champ, for the others, it was so hard to watch her go through it. We actually bought a teething necklace at a local boutique but couldn’t use it very long because the way that it fastened. It was very easy for her to rip it off her neck.


I love that this necklace has a screw in closure because it is able to keep the necklace around her neck. She will tug on it from time to time, but she has never pulled it off.


Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this Multicolored Baltic Amber teething necklace. I notice such a difference in her when she’s wearing it. She’s usually more happy and upbeat and it doesn’t seem like she is in any pain from teething at all. If I skip putting it on a day, I definitely see a difference in her demeanor. This teething necklace has been a lifesaver for us! If you’re interested in purchasing one, or are looking for a baby shower gift, I definitely recommend this one! It even comes with a small burlap bag to store the teething necklace in, and it’s really cute! You can purchase this on Amazon using the link below:


I received this product for free in exchange for my genuine and honest review.



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