Savvy Baby Bib Bandanas + Pacifier Clip


When I had Kaia, I learned that I basically knew next to nothing about baby fashion! I was so used to just basic baby clothes and accessories that finding out there was this whole other spectrum of fashionable clothes and accessories was a little overwhelming, to say the least! The only thing was, while I’m not broke, I certainly didn’t have the money to spring for all the fancy pants trendy accessories. Not saying that every baby needs the hippest clothes or accessories, but it’s nice sometimes to keep up with some of my Mommy friends who live for baby fashion! I’m so happy I was able to review these bib bandanas from Savvy Baby because they are absolutely adorable and the patterns are up to date with the latest trends.

They come in 4 absolutely adorable patterns as you can see above, and they are completely gender-neutral without swaying too much one way or the other. Out of all 4 patterns, I really dig the gray bib with white arrows. All of the patterns are definitely cute but I’m really a fan of the color gray. The material is really nice and you can tell that they aren’t cheaply made. All of these bib bandanas are made with 100% cotton and have a nice fleece backing making them really absorbent! Something that I really love is the fact that even at almost 16 months, the bib fits Kaia great and there is still room for her to grow! This is due to the fact that the snaps are adjustable! These bibs have come in so handy while she’s been teething because she has been extra drooly and these save her clothes from becoming soaked with saliva.


When you purchase the 4 pack of bandanas, they include a really cute pacifier clip. The clip is reversible and looks great with any outfit. Kaia has never taken a pacifier so I didn’t have one on hand to test out the clip, but from the looks of it, it seems very well made! Such a nice little add-on!


Overall, I really like these bib bandanas! They are really fashionable, on-trend, and can grow with your little one. You’ll really get your money’s worth with these! That’s another thing! The price is pretty great for how many bib bandanas you get plus the pacifier clip! Your little one will be stylish without breaking the bank! If you’re not expecting, or have a child, but know someone who is or does, these are a great gift! You can purchase these on Amazon using the link below:


I received this product in exchange for my genuine and honest review.


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