Organic Bamboo Crib Sheet


I was so excited to receive this Organic Bamboo Crib sheet to review because I love reviewing products for my daughter! I’m constantly searching to find the best items for my little one in hopes that I end up with the safest, most effective, greatest quality products on the market. This crib sheet is definitely on my list of great items that you should definitely consider! The fact that it is made from sustainable bamboo and is hypoallergenic is so awesome and could be reason enough, but there is definitely much more to this sheet.

The packaging of the crib sheet is really simple but in a really attractive way making it perfect to gift at a baby shower. I really like the fact that the front of the package has openings to not only display the adorable crib sheet, but to also be able to feel how soft it is! In the top corner, it has a stamp of approval from Parents and Grandparents which is definitely something that is eye-catching and gives you a little more confidence about buying!


Can I just stop for a minute to talk about how absolutely adorable the pandas are!? When I see baby pandas, I think soft and cuddly (obviously I wouldn’t just walk up and cuddle a real life baby panda, but you get the idea)… so having them on the crib sheet is perfect because it goes hand in hand with how soft the crib sheet is! This is a great gender-neutral sheet and would suit any gender-neutral nursery! If you are looking for an ultra girly crib sheet, I don’t think this sheet is for you… but I really recommend you still give it a shot anyway!


Before putting it on the mattress, it is recommended to wash and tumble dry on low. I was a little nervous to wash it because I didn’t want it to lose it’s softness. The back of the packaging says that the sheet actually gets softer the more you wash it. I wasn’t too convinced just because I’ve never had sheets that got softer after washing. They always tend to feel rougher. Let me tell you… this sheet was just as soft, if not softer than when I first took it out of the package!


The crib sheet fits standard crib mattresses and since my daughter’s crib mattress is a standard, it fit it perfectly! It wasn’t a pain in the butt to get on and it wasn’t too tight after getting it on the mattress. It looks so cute with her black crib but would look just as cute in cribs that are different colors.

Overall, I am definitely a fan of this Organic Bamboo Crib Sheet! Not only is it super cute, it is soft and durable. The first time I set Kaia in her crib with this sheet on, she actually laid down and rubbed the sheet. I’d absolutely say it’s Kaia-approved haha! If you’d like to purchase this sheet for your little one’s crib, or would like to purchase as a gift for someone you know who’s expecting, the Amazon link is below:


I received this product in exchange for my genuine and honest review.


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