1 inch Wood Blocks

woodblocks1I absolutely LOVE DIY projects but sometimes, the items needed can get to be a little on the expensive side. I definitely prefer getting items in bulk so that I have enough for my project and maybe even enough for future projects. That’s why I’m loving these unfinished wood blocks from DIY Crew! There are 48 unfinished 1 inch wooden blocks in the package.



Now, when I ordered these blocks, I knew that they were 1 inch in size, but for some reason, I was surprised by how small they actually were. I mean, they aren’t small small, just smaller than I pictured in my head. I was hoping to make some blocks for Kaia but these are just a tad too tiny for me to feel comfortable with her playing with them. I was hoping to have done a project or two with these to show you guys, but I haven’t committed to what I really want to use these for so that will have to come in a later post of a DIY project.


All of the blocks are unfinished and the possibilities for what you can do with them are endless! I do have to say that there are some blocks that are smooth, but there are also some blocks that are a little rough. I’ll definitely have to sand some of them to make sure they are ready to use without having to worry about splinters.

Overall I am a fan of these blocks! Not only do I have ideas in my head of what DIY projects I can use these for, but I am also thinking that when Kai gets older, I can pick up another set of these that she can just use to play with. You really can use these blocks for whatever your imagination thinks up! I’m definitely excited to finally come up with a project to use these for! I guess it’s time to hang out on Pinterest for a few hours haha! To purchase your own 1 inch wood blocks, please visit the product page on Amazon below:



I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my genuine and honest review.


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