Terry Treetop and the Little Bear Ebook


After reviewing Terry Treetop Saves the Dolphin, I was selected to read more about Terry in Terry Treetop and the Little Bear by Tali Carmi. This book is recommended for children ages 3-8 and I think the book is written great for children those ages to understand.


The story starts out with Terry up in his tree house examining his surroundings and realizing that Spring is finally here after a long winter. He hears the birds chirping and sees that the flowers are blooming. While he’s searching around from up high in his tree house, he notices a young bear cub peeking out from behind the trees. He remembers that bears are born in the winter  but come spring time, the momma bears and baby bears come out of hibernation to explore and find food to eat.


After realizing that the bear cub reminded him of himself, he decides to name it Barry. Terry really wants to play with the bear and after Barry sees Terry, he stops looking for food and starts swinging on Terry’s swing. Terry was about to come down from his tree house to play with the bear cub until he noticed that Barry’s mom had come into the yard. Terry realizes that while Barry is small and cute, his mom is big and doesn’t look like fun. The mother bear was trying to get Barry to go back into the woods where they were safer. When Barry headed back towards the woods with his mom, Terry got sad because he really wanted to play with him. Then he heard a scary sound coming from the direction where the bears had gone.


Terry jumped down from his tree house and took off in the direction of the footsteps when he came upon Barry who had fallen into a pit in the woods. Even though Barry was a good climber, he couldn’t get up the pit. Terry wanted to help him so he ran back to his tree house and grabbed the ladder that his friends would use to climb up to his tree house. He brought the ladder back to the pit that Barry fell in and slid the ladder into the pit then ran and hid behind a tree. It didn’t take long for Barry to realize that he could climb up the ladder. Momma bear was so happy when Barry emerged from the pit and she looked around and saw Terry in the distance and realized that he had helped her cub.


It was then that the Momma bear learned that children can be trusted and she looked at Terry very thankful. Terry was upset that he hadn’t been able to play with Barry but was so happy that he saved his life! Barry had already started climbing trees again and Terry raced up the nearest tree. They both reached the top at the same time and Terry decided that he was going to call Barry ‘Barry Treetop’ from now on because they both were so much alike and liked to climb trees.

Overall, this is a really adorable story and the accompanying illustrations are cute. I feel as though kids can learn a little bit about how to tell spring time is here and the book also tells when spring starts. There is a little information about bears which is also educational. While the book doesn’t exactly touch on safety when it comes to wild animals, I feel that it’s a perfect time to discuss safety with your kids. It was definitely a little alarming that Terry was easily able to be so close to the bears and knowing that some kids might get the wrong idea but as long as there is a safety discussion, I don’t see a problem. The book is still super cute and I recommend it. Check it out on Amazon through the link below!



I received this eBook for free in exchange for my genuine and honest review.


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