Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin Ebook


I’ve been trying to branch out by including some book reviews in addition to my product reviews and I was fortunate to be selected to review this children’s book called Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin by Tali Carmi.

I received the digital copy of this book through Amazon Kindle and read it immediately. I wanted to read it to my little one but she’s quite a bit too young for this book as it’s recommended for children ages 3-8, so I read it alone. The story is really cute while being informative.

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Terry is a young boy who loves to climb trees (hence the nickname ‘Terry Treetop’) and discover and observe the land from up high. Him and his family go camping to a marine nature reserve on his summer vacation and he is quick to climb a tree so that he can observe his surroundings. While in the tree, he fixes his eyes on a group of dolphins playing and jumping and decides to climb back down the tree and over to the dock so he can get a closer look.

He becomes really interested in one of the baby dolphins and decides to call him ‘Dido’. After watching Dido interact with his mom, he comes to realize that baby dolphins are a lot like kids who try to act grown up. Terry really wants to play with the dolphins so he jumped up and down to get their attention. The dolphins were just as curious about Terry as he was about them. While the adult dolphins weren’t eager to engage Terry, Dido was and swam towards him.

Unfortunately, Dido gets caught in a fisherman’s net that had been left behind. His mother couldn’t do anything to help him but fortunately, Terry would be able to! Terry looked around the beach but didn’t see anyone that could help. He suddenly got the idea to climb up the tree so he could get a better look. Luckily, he spotted a ranger’s boat in the distance. He realized that he was too far away for the ranger to hear him so he shook the tree making the birds in the tree scatter, hoping it would get the ranger’s attention. It worked! The ranger noticed him and waved back to let him know he was on his way.


When the ranger reached Terry, he informed him that sometimes fishermen leave their nets behind and that dolphins get caught in them. He could help though! The ranger put on his diving gear and jumped into the water. With a cutter, he was able to cut Dido free. He was very careful as not to hurt him and upon realizing that the ranger was there to help him, Dido was no longer afraid. The moment Dido was free of the net, he swam over to his mom immediately. Because of the ordeal, Dido was exhausted. His mother swam underneath him and helped him to the surface so that he could breathe. Terry discovered that dolphins breathe air just like humans, but as marine mammals, they can stay under water for extended periods of time.


While Terry was so happy that the dolphins were fine, he was also sad because he really wanted to play with them. The ranger saw a lot of himself in Terry and came up with an idea. He handed him a lifejacket, mask, and lifebuoy and they got in the water. They had brought a ball in the water with them and after tossing the ball towards Dido, he immediately understood the game and played with them. After they were done playing with the dolphins, the ranger was so proud of Terry that he asked him to help him for the week. Terry was so excited and decided that he wanted to grow up and be a ranger too so that he could help the animals in need and teach people the importance of environmental safety.

Overall, this was a really cute book with a great message. Not only did it teach us a little bit about dolphins, but it also showed us some environmental issues that plague the world. It touched on the importance of being more aware of the environment which is great to teach our youth. The illustrations that went along with the story were great as well! I definitely recommend getting this book for your child(ren) to teach them a little bit about dolphins and environmental safety. To purchase this book, please click on the Amazon link below.



I received this Ebook for free in exchange for my genuine and honest review.


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