Connecticut Cupcakes Silicone Cupcake/Muffin Liners


Alright, so if you’re familiar with my blog, you already know my obsession with silicone kitchen items! I’ve been wanting to try out silicone cupcake/muffin liners for quite some time now but I was always late to apply for promotions. I was SO SO SO excited to be chosen to try out the silicone liners from Connecticut Cupcakes because as a Connecticut native living 2300 miles from home, these bring a little piece of back home to me here. 


There are 12 silicone liners in this set and they come in 6 fun and vibrant colors (2 of each color). I love that the liners aren’t all one color because honestly, for no other reason, they just make me happy when I look at them! I was super excited to try them out because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was given a tip to spray the inside of the liners with Pam, but I didn’t do it because no one tells me what to do! Totally kidding, I had just actually forgotten! Mom Brain!


I was a little nervous when I filled up the liners because it seemed to me like I may have put too much of the muffin mix in them. I was afraid that I’d end up with muffins on steroids that spilled out all over the place. I left my fate up to the baking gods and just waited it out, with a little bit of anxiousness. I’m thinking that I should probably start baking more so that I’m not so crazy in the kitchen haha.


Success! I managed to bake perfectly golden brown muffins using the silicone liners and aside from being excited to get my fat-girl on, I was also excited because I would be able to reuse the muffin liners now that I was the Queen of Baking! They really did look delicious. Spoiler Alert: They tasted as delicious as they looked! I’m not even going to lie to you guys and say that this was a family recipe from my mother’s mother’s mother… I used Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix. Just as good though probably!


So, in the photo above, you can see that I got the muffin out of the liner with very little crumb loss. That’s probably the biggest thing I despise about paper and aluminum liners… losing pieces of the muffins or cupcakes to the liners. Now I don’t have to be the crazy lady who looks like she’s snorting the lost crumbs! Seriously! I hated that by the time I got the liner off of my cupcake or muffin, that half of it was stuck to the liner! Now I won’t be losing much at all with these silicone liners! I have a really quick video below of me taking one of these muffins out of the liner, so go check it out. I may have called the muffin a cupcake but hey, what’s a girl to do!

Overall guys, I’m geeking out on the Silicone Cupcake and Muffin Liners from Connecticut Cupcakes! They were definitely worth the wait and I’m so proud to review and share with you guys a product from my home state! Not only did they work AMAZINGLY.. they were so so easy to clean afterwards! All I used was a little soap and water and then I let them air dry. I even put them back in the container they came in for storage! These will work so great for presentation as well because they are so vibrant and appealing to look at! Just be reminded that they can only resist heat up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. You can even use them in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. I’m not even kidding a little bit when I say I’m obsessed with them! If you are a Connecticut resident, you can pick these up at Flutterby which is a gift shop on the Guilford Green (the same Guilford Green that was recently featured on American Idol!). If you’re NOT a Connecticut resident, don’t get upset! These liners are available on Amazon and they are a #1 New Release! Please visit the link below to purchase:


I received this product free from the company in exchange for my genuine and honest review.




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