Turquoise Teething Pendant



I was so excited to try out this teething pendant from Beabies because Kaia has been getting her molars in and they’ve been a pain in the butt. I definitely try my best to avoid medicines and instead like to find effective alternatives. How cute is the packaging for this teething pendant!? (Yes, yet another product that I’m gushing over the packaging haha) It would make such a good gift!


To start out, this teething pendant is made out of 100% food grade silicone and is BPA-Free, FDA approved, PVC-Free, Latex-Free, Rubber-Free, and Lead-Free silicone. This is PERFECT for both Mom and baby just in case they have any allergies! It also contains no vinyl, phthalates, plastic, nitrosamines, cadmium, or heavy metals. It has absolutely no smells and no tastes and is 100% safe for your baby.

The teether is soft and chewy and really allows your baby to gnaw on it to get relief on their gums. Kaia definitely goes to town on it! I haven’t needed to do it, but you’re able to put it in the freezer to get some extra added relief. It is completely dishwasher safe making it easy to clean and you can even boil it to sterilize it!


You have the option to wear the necklace yourself or you can just let baby hold it and chew on it. Definitely supervise if you decide to let baby hold it and chew it. I actually love wearing it because it really is fashionable and it’s easy to carry Kaia and have her chewing on it. I even wear the necklace when I babywear Kaia on my back and I make it so it falls down my back and she’s able to play with and chew on it if she wants. I’ve even worn it out and about and you would never be able to tell that it is a teething pendant.¬†Something else that I like about this necklace is that I wear it during breastfeeding and it gives Kaia something to play with rather than trying to stick her fingers in my mouth or up my nose (TMI?)! It definitely makes for a good distraction for her!

Overall, I really love wearing this and Kaia loves chewing on this to relieve her teething pain! It’s really cute and it’s a better alternative to at least try before using pain relievers. I think it would absolutely make a great baby shower gift if you don’t have your own teething little one! To find out more about this pendant, or to check out some more Beabies products, click the link below:



I received this product free from the company in exchange for my genuine and honest review.




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