Little Green Essentials Set

I’ve been anticipating writing this review because I’m so impressed and in love with Little Green products! Before I get into my review, I want to just tell you guys how Little Green came about because I love the story! After seeing his grandchildren struggle with allergies and delicate skin conditions, Carmen DePasquale began researching top-selling baby and kids brands but was disappointed because his expectations were not met even when they claimed to do great things. Because of this, he found inspiration to create products that lived up to the claims: safe, gentle, and pure. All of their products are made with hypoallergenic formulas and are free of Parabens, Sulfates, and Allergens. They also do not test ANY of their products on animals! As a Mom, my mission is to find the best quality products while being free of harsh chemicals. We all want what is best for our little ones and Little Green caters to the needs of us parents!


Upon opening the package, I was so excited by the product packaging! This Essentials set comes in such a simple yet attractive box which is nice and sturdy. The front of the box has their logo and motto on it and it just looks so pretty. This set is a PERFECT baby shower gift and you don’t even need to wrap it!



After opening the box, I was not disappointed. The products were in green bottles (not glass) with the most adorable labels! My opinions about the company and products at this point were nothing but positive. Each of the products have labels with the Little Green logo on them and the words on them are easily readable. Everything about them screams natural and nurturing to me. Alright, let’s get to the products themselves!

Shampoo & Body Wash


The shampoo & body wash comes in a pump bottle making it easy to get your desired amount. You don’t need much of this at all because it lathers up nicely! The first time I used it, I pumped way too much because other brands I’ve tried have never lathered up like this does and I would typically need more. This is not the case with Little Green! I also like the subtle smell it has. I can’t come up with what scent it is exactly but the only way I can describe it is “deliciously clean baby scent”. The shampoo & body wash is tear-free and in addition to cleaning hair and skin, it nourishes them as well. Kaia’s skin was the softest it’s been in a long time. Seriously! It was like newborn baby soft! It also worked amazingly on her hair! She typically has “finger stuck in a light socket” hair and it really calmed it down leaving it nice and soft but not greasy. There is Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E which moisturizes and protects the hair and skin so you don’t have to worry about it stripping your baby’s hair and skin of their natural oils. Thoroughly impressed!

Nourishing Body Lotion


The body lotion also comes in a pump bottle making it easy, yet again, to get your desired amount. The body lotion is formulated for sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic, and is Gluten Free! This has that same great subtle scent as the shampoo & body wash which I am loving! I put this on Kaia after every bath and I tend to put it all over including a little bit on her face. It’s so nice to finally have a product that I can put on her to keep her skin moisturized while not irritating her skin! It’s rich in Aloe, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E making it perfect for healing and protecting. One of my favorite things about the lotion is that it isn’t heavy like some other lotions. It’s creamy and works into the skin well so you don’t have to use much to get full coverage. I absolutely love using this on Kaia!

Soothing Balm


This soothing balm is so versatile as it protects and prevents chapped lips, cheeks, and dry and irritated skin. I have to admit that I’ve used some of the balm on my own lips because they get so awfully dry. It’s been working great for me and I’ve noticed that my lips haven’t cracked like they tend to do. I’ve been using this on Kaia’s lips daily and on specific areas on days that I don’t use the body lotion on her. It’s been working great on her! Like the other products, this also has the same scent. Where I tend to use this on her the most though is her elbows. For some reason, her elbows always get extremely dry. Since starting my daily application of this on her elbows, they have become as soft as the rest of her skin. The soothing balm is also perfect to take on the go as it fits perfectly in a purse or diaper bag. Simply put, I’m loving it!

Overall, Carmen and Little Green have achieved what they set out to accomplish! Products that truly meet the standard of everything they claim: safe, gentle, pure. I am fully confident using this on Kaia and from here on out, I am a Little Green Mom and Kaia is a Little Green Baby! Once she is old enough, she will absolutely be a Little Green Kid! I will no longer buy any other brand of baby or kid products because Little Green has far exceeded my expectations! You can purchase their products on their website, learn more about Little Green, and there is also a section with some printable downloads for your little ones! Go check it out! You won’t be disappointed! If you are searching for the perfect Baby Shower gift, get this Little Green Essentials set! Not only will you be gifting great products, you will also be gifting confidence. Moms need that!

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I received this products free from the company in exchange for my genuine and honest review.


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