B Trek Portable Speaker by Sentey


Something that never ceases to amaze me is ever-changing technology! I’m always impressed with newer and innovative products that will actually be used in my everyday life. Sentey has definitely impressed me with their B Trek portable speaker! 

This little speaker definitely packs a punch with its sound quality and ease of use. The speaker itself is very lightweight and fits in the palm of my hand. While it is lightweight and small, it isn’t made cheaply with poor materials. Now, I’m not telling you to test its durability by dropping it… but I do have to mention that it did survive being thrown on the floor by my little one. In addition to being lightweight and small, it is really easy to use. The instructions that come with it are so simple to follow and I love that in instructions! Instructions that leave me scratching my head are super frustrating and make me not want to even use the product. That is definitely not the case here!


With the B Trek, you are able to play music or other audio using bluetooth technology, AUX line, MicroSD, and it even has a built in FM radio. When connected through bluetooth, you’re able to get up to 6 hours of playback time. Since the portable speaker has a rechargeable battery, all you have to do is connect the included Micro USB cable and plug it in to charge it when you run out of juice. As far as using the AUX function, they have included an AUX line so that you don’t have to go out and buy one.


I’ve been able to test out the speaker using the bluetooth function and the FM radio function and the quality is the same both ways. Crisp, clear, and loud! There are buttons on top of the speaker that allow you to switch between functions and also adjust the volume. I have to admit that when using the FM radio, I do find it a little confusing when it searches through clear radio stations because when I find a station I want, it still searches and keeps going through the stations. I have to look at the instructions again to find out how to stop it on the desired station. Other than that little hiccup, I have no complaints!

Overall, I am seriously loving this little speaker! It’s already gotten me through housework and relaxing in the bath tub! It will definitely be used a lot this summer when we are enjoying our time outdoors. The sound is loud enough that if you’re in a setting where there isn’t a lot of noise, you’ll be able to listen with ease. I do think that if you’re in a setting with a lot of noise, the sound may get lost in the shuffle. It may just work though for times at the beach or if you are throwing a BBQ. With this portable speaker being so budget-friendly, I would definitely recommend at least looking into it! I would be surprised if you aren’t as happy with it as I am! If you’d like to look into the B Trek a little more, or would like to purchase, you can check out the product page on Amazon below:



I received this product free from the company in exchange for my genuine and honest review.


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