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Popsicles have always been a go-to summer staple in my family, even when I was little. Some of my best summer memories include hanging out with friends and eating ice pops. They are just so refreshing and offer the right amount of cool down during the hot and humid months. The only downside is that a lot of popsicles are packed with sugar and can actually end up making you dehydrated during your fun outside activities. As a Mom of a little one, that just doesn’t sit too well with me because I am trying to limit her sugar intake and try to only offer her healthy snacks and treats. The Popze IcePopIt allows me the freedom to make my own healthier, but still tasty, ice pops!

Before I even start, I have to say how much I love the packaging of the Popze IcePopIt! The colors are vibrant and draw your attention quickly. If I saw the package on the shelf at a store, my eyes would be drawn to it immediately. I am such a sucker for good packaging because it shows that the company takes pride in their product and cares about it enough to give it such a great quality display box! When I saw how well the packaging was designed, I was eager to make my pops!


The set that I got has 6 different colored silicone BPA-Free molds and comes with an acrylic stand that makes it easy to fill, freeze, and serve the pops in. The food grade silicone is treated to a second vulcanization process to ensure that the molds don’t leave any odor or weird taste to your frozen treats. Both the molds and the acrylic tray have the Popze logo emblazoned on them, which I think is a nice touch because your guests and friends will be able to see who makes it without even having to ask! Each silicone mold comes with a detachable lid which makes cleaning super easy. For fun, you can even swap the lids with different colored molds! The silicone molds are dishwasher safe as well making for real easy cleaning. When I was cleaning them by hand, I found that it was easier to soak them for a little bit before rinsing them out because they are deep and it’s a little difficult to get down in there.

So, when getting ready to fill up the molds, the possibilities are endless! You can make whatever concoction you want! You can also make a variety and fill each of the molds up with different mixtures! For my first time making ice pops, I decided on coconut water, strawberries, blueberries, and a couple raspberries. I basically just went with what I had in my refrigerator and didn’t follow any kind of recipe. There are 3 recipes on the outside of the Popze box though, so you could try those first if you want to. I ended up only making enough of the mixture to fill five of the molds, so I’ll definitely remember to make a little more next time because the molds hold more liquid than I thought they would.


Once they were filled, I put the caps on and put them in my freezer. There was a little bit of space above the top of the molds so they fit in there just right. Freezing time really depends on what mixture you put in the molds to freeze and how powerful your freezer is. I checked how they were doing around the 3-4 hour mark and they seemed to be getting pretty solid but you could definitely tell that they needed more time. Definitely allow yourself a little extra time to be on the safe side if you’re making them for an event or need them by a certain time.


I ended up just letting them freeze overnight because I had made them so late in the day and it would’ve been too late to try them. I am ecstatic with how they turned out! My recommendation is to run the silicone under water to help the ice pop release easier from the silicone. I didn’t do that with my first pop and I could feel the bottom part of the pop break off. Not a huge deal, but it will definitely be easier! When holding the silicone, my hands weren’t left freezing which is perfect for not only your hands, but little hands as well!

Overall, the Popze IcePopIt is going to be getting a lot of use this summer! The quality and ease of use fits our family perfectly and I can’t wait to mix up some more recipes and make more ice pops! If you’d like to find out more about this product, visit the website at popze.com  You can also find this exact set on Amazon!


I received this product free from the company in exchange for my genuine and honest review.


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