Munchkin 3 Count Stay Put Suction Bowls Review


As a mother of a one year old messy eater, I’ve been looking for different products to use to make meal times a little less messy. Don’t get me wrong, watching her explore different foods has been so much fun to experience… I just don’t have much fun cleaning up afterwards (but who really does anyway). After purchasing a sippy cup on Amazon, the Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls showed up in my suggestions and I couldn’t help but buy them as well!

I absolutely love the concept! Suctioning to different surfaces so that there isn’t just food all over the place. The description states that the bowls suction to a table or highchair tray and is tough for kids to lift or throw yet easy for parents to remove. I was sold on that concept alone! Also, I love that there are three different sized bowls with handles! The smallest one even has a lid which makes it great for putting snacks in and taking on the go or storing leftovers! The small bowl holds 3/4 cups, the medium bowl holds 1 1/4 cups, while the biggest bowl holds 1 3/4 cups.


After receiving the bowls, I immediately washed them and put some elbow macaroni with spaghetti sauce in one of the bowls. I put my daughter in the highchair, suctioned the bowl to her tray, and just let her do her thing! It was going really well so I turned around and did some dishes. When I turned back around, the bowl was no longer suctioned to the tray and noodles were all over the place! I thought that maybe I didn’t suction it well enough? Needless to say, I took the bowl away and let her finish her lunch that was left on the tray. I tried again the next day with some applesauce and unfortunately the same thing happened. She actually got it off of the tray again! Maybe my daughter is secretly the Incredible Hulk because, honestly, I actually struggled a little bit to lift up the bowls. Now, while the bowls aren’t really working for us at the moment, I will definitely be trying them again when she isn’t so set on ripping the suctioned bowl from the tray!


  • The price for the 3 pack is budget friendly
  • The bowls come in 3 different sizes
  • Attaches to most surfaces
  • They are top rack dishwasher safe
  • The bowls are phthalate free, BPA free, and Latex Free


  • My daughter was able to lift the suctioned bowl off of her tray
  • If you’re looking for gender specific bowls, you’re out of luck. It seems they only come in green, blue, and orange.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, the pros definitely outweigh my cons and the second con listed is purely preference… so not really a con I guess! I truly feel that the bowls do exactly what they’re supposed to do and my daughter is just a freak of nature (I’m half joking)! I actually would purchase this product again because the price was well worth it!


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